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English Summary


The rock / modern rock band Mistyx was founded in the summer of 2013.

All the members of the band has more than 10 years musical background and played in several other bands previously.

The current lineup was formed quite easily. It turned out on the first rehearsals, that this is the music that they all like to play.

The name of the band was created from the words 'Misty' and 'Styx', and also refers to 'Mystic', when it is pronounced. Hence there are many possible interpretations of its meaning.

All songs are a little bit different, but the simple and honest attitude of rock music can be felt on all of them, which is enriched by many other style components.

The band is having concerts regularly and released its first demo recording 'AZ A SZÓ' ('That Word') in May 2014.


Attila Jónás - Vocals, rhythm guitar

Balázs László - Solo guitar, background vocals

Vilmos Cziráki - Bass guitar, background vocals

Csanád Molnár - Drums